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Fair Share Alliance Announces Launch of 16 State Campaigns to Support American Jobs Act

Washington DC – Brad Martin, Executive Director of the Fair Share Alliance, announced today the launch of Colorado Fair Share’s canvass program in Pueblo, Colorado -- our 22nd citizen outreach office launched in the last month to build grassroots support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act.   “We face a huge jobs crisis in this country, people are really hurting, so we’re taking our campaign door-to-door in16 states to build public support and overcome right-wing Republican opposition to the American Jobs Act in the Congress,” said Martin.
President Obama knows the scale and hurt of the jobs crisis -- his 2009 jobs initiative created or saved over 4 million jobs, but he knows there’s a much greater need and proposed the American Jobs Act which can put 2 million Americans back to work.  Martin said, “The impact of unemployment is personal – hitting individuals and families one painful pink-slip at a time.  The solution is built the same way – one person at a time.  By building support home-by-home and neighbor-by-neighbor, state Fair Shares will build the political power necessary to pass the American Jobs Act, and other jobs legislation that will turn pink-slips into new job offers for millions of Americans.”
“We applaud the President’s recent and urgent calls to the Republican leadership to get back to work putting America back to work.  Just last week, our 22 offices had 150 canvassers out knocking on 55,000 doors to build support for the American Jobs Act.  As our canvass teams grow, these numbers will grow and eventually we’ll reach out to over 1.4 million Americans -- putting critical pressure on Congress to heed the President’s call to action.”
Fair Share has launched 22 door-to-door grassroots canvass offices over the last month in 16 states – AZ, CA, CO, FL, IA, MA, MN, NC, NH, NM, NV, OH, PA, TX, VA and WI -- campaigning for the American Jobs Act and a larger package of jobs legislation that combined will put 4 million Americans back to work.  Fair Share Alliance is a non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization founded in 2007 and works to build grassroots support to provide every American with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future, and a strong voice in our democracy.