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95 Experts Call For Investments in Early Education

Researchers, scientists and academics specializing in child development join Massachusetts Fair Share in calling to invest in early education to help children thrive

We at Massachusetts Fair Share have recruited the support of 95 education experts who support increases in quality and access to early childhood education in Massachusetts as being justified by the research.

Massachusetts should lead on education, but when it comes to early education, we’ve fallen behind. As state leaders have begun to take meaningful steps to help improve early learning programs, we’re hoping to bolster those efforts with the voices of experts. The science is clear: Quality early education programs produce better education, health, economic and social outcomes for children, families and the community.

Last week, Gov. Charlie Baker announced he requested nearly $28 million in unspent funds from the Department of Early Education and Care to be released to support early educators. Earlier this year, Speaker Robert DeLeo called to make addressing early education a priority in the upcoming budget.

Specifically, the letter, delivered April 5, noted that research supports early education investment because it shows:

  • Quality early childhood education can reduce the achievement gap.

  • Access to quality early childhood education is essential.

  • Quality programs produce quality life outcomes.

  • Investing in quality early childhood education pays off.

To read the full copy of the letter and see the full list of signers, click here.