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Virginia Fair Share

Our top priority

Hunger Action Month

It’s #HungerAction month, which means that all across the country those who work to combat hunger are raising awareness about the growing problem of hunger in America. Awareness is important because we have the tools to fight hunger, but those tools – things like SNAP, the National School Lunch Program and WIC – are under a lot of pressure from growing demand and shrinking resources.

Across the country, about one in five children is at risk of going hungry. 23.2 percent of all kids live in food-insecure homes. You can help raise awareness on Facebook.

We Can End Childhood Hunger in Virginia

When kids are hungry, they struggle to learn. When kids don't learn, they struggle in life. Still, there are 305,760 kids in Virginia struggling with hunger.  We can and we must do better. For decades, Republicans and Democrats have come together to support programs that reduce hunger, but the problem is far from solved. Research shows that kids who get help from nutrition programs do better in school and better in life. With so many families still scrambling to get back on their feet in this tough economy, investing in ending hunger isn't just a smart investment in our nation's future – it’s the right thing to do. That's why our sister organization, Virginia Fair Share Education Fund, is working to make sure Virginia's kids are getting enough to eat and have a fair shot at a better life. 


Research shows that the impact of childhood hunger extends beyond the health, emotional, and learning challenges of hungry kids. When kids aren’t hungry, we’re all better off. Consider the benefits of ensuring all kids have enough to eat:

  • A more conducive learning environment for everyone. Hungry kids are more likely to have behavioral and emotional problems, and they may have difficulty getting along with their classmates.  Ensuring kids are well-fed can help mitigate the disruptions in the classroom that impact every child’s ability to learn.

  • Better educational results. When kids eat at school they remember more, work faster and make fewer mistakes.  Studies show kids also do better on standardized tests when they eat breakfast at school. The benefits extend to all kids who eat breakfast at school—whether they struggle with food insecurity or not.

  • A healthier economy. Ensuring kids are well-fed can help reduce our health care costs, and prepare the next generation to lead. Hungry kids get sick more often than well-fed kids – and that costs the nation $28 billion.  Moreover, hungry children are likely to be less successful in their work later in life, costing the country billions in worker productivity.


Hunger is a solvable problem, with a history of bipartisan support to address it. Simply put, providing food and support in times of economic crisis is the right formula to ensure kids and families are not hungry. With programs like SNAP feeding hungry children at home and the free and reduced-price lunch and breakfast programs reaching kids in schools – we have tools at hand to make progress on ending childhood hunger.  

TAKE ACTION: Join our call to end hunger in Virginia.



Kids, Not Cuts!

We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot in life, and that starts with a quality education. Unfortunately, some in Congress are moving to cut billions from education. Congress already made deep cuts in early 2013 that will slash programs for 1.2 million kids and take 30,000 teachers out of classrooms. Now, House Budget Chair Paul Ryan wants to slash education funds with another $6.9 billion in cuts to our schools, our teachers, and our kids in the next year alone.

As Congress debates the education budget, Virginia Fair Share is working to make sure that our representatives stand up for our kids. Learn more.

Standing up for working families & middle class values

• Virginia Fair Share works to provide every Virginian with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future and a strong voice in our democracy by standing up to the conservatives and Wall Street interests who block progress at every turn.

• Through door-to-door canvassing and grassroots lobbying, we press local and national government to do its job and defend working families against the privileged and powerful.

• And, we help elect leaders who will work for a fair economy and work to defeat politicians who place extreme ideology and corporate profits ahead of ordinary citizens.

Grassroots Action that gets results

• Virginia Fair Share is part of the Fair Share network. Together, we talked face-to-face with hundreds of thousands of voters in Virginia and other critical battleground states to help elect President Obama in 2008 and prevent a wholesale Wall Street takeover of Congress in 2010.

• We followed up these efforts by reaching out in neighborhoods and activating our network of supporters to help pass measures that have saved millions of jobs and protected consumers by cracking down on health insurance companies and reining in the Wall Street mega-banks.

Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

Big corporations — including GE, Burger King and more — are using their lobbyists and campaign contributions to rig the tax system in their favor, and some pay nothing in taxes.
That costs the rest of us $100 billion per year in lost taxes.

Join with Virginia Fair Share, and tell your member of Congress: Close corporate tax loopholes, and put America back to work.


Put America Back to Work

America has work to do: We need new schools, more teachers and better roads, bridges and transit systems. At the same time, millions of people who are ready, willing and able to get these jobs done are still unemployed.
It’s time to put America back to work. We can rehire teachers and firefighters who were laid off in the recession. We can put people to work building and rebuilding schools and fixing our roads and bridges. And we can pay for it by cutting $200 billion in wasteful subsidies and tax loopholes for the biggest corporations.
Learn more about Virginia Fair Share's campaign to Put America Back to Work.


Get Big Money Out of Politics

Our democracy should give each of us a voice — and government should look out for us, not just for the privileged and powerful. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, unlimited campaign spending from corporations and the richest Americans rig the system against the average voter.
Things are getting worse because the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people, and that they and the wealthy can spend as much as they want on elections. Now big corporations and wealthy interests are flooding the airwaves, spending millions of dollars to elect candidates who will look out for their interests, not ours. They can spend unlimited amounts of money, without even disclosing who they are.
That’s just wrong. Corporations are not people, and the richest players shouldn’t get to buy our democracy.

Sign our petition to support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.


Past Victories

Middle Class Tax Cuts

In a victory for Virginia Fair Share's Middle Class Tax Cuts First campaign, Senate leaders and the White House came together on Jan. 1 to work out a compromise deal to extend critical tax cuts for American’s income up to $450,000 for a household, preventing a major tax hike on America’s middle class. The compromise bill passed both the Senate and the House, and was signed by President Obama. The Middle Class Tax Cuts First campaign brought together Coloradan small businesses and community organizations to call for extending middle class tax cuts.
We are grateful that President Obama, Vice President Biden and leaders in the Senate came together to craft a bipartisan bill that will extend tax cuts for the middle class. Families and small businesses can breathe easier this new year, knowing that their taxes will not go up drastically in 2013. Learn more.