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Jobs With Fair Share

Opening: Executive Director, Florida Consumer Action Network

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Opening: Fair Share Political Director

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Opening: Fair Share State Organizer

If you're looking for the opportunity to organize, advocate and fight for an economy that works for all of us, apply to be a Fair Share Organizer today.
Through door-to-door community outreach and grassroots lobbying, Fair Share works to provide every American with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future, and a strong voice in our democracy. Fair Share also works to elect leaders who will stand up for a fair economy and against corporate greed and powerful wealthy interests.
Our Campaigns

Fair Share State Organizers will build the public and political support we need to protect the middle class and rebuild America’s economy. Whether it’s big corporations or right-wing politicians who block progress at every turn, we face powerful opposition. To overcome that opposition we need to build people power -- gaining media attention and the support of broad-based coalitions, informing the public and mobilizing citizens to take grassroots action. Our state organizers will build this power by developing district-level networks of key constituencies, experts, media, and activists, and mobilizing that network to take action on our top campaigns, including:

  • Corporate Tax Loopholes: When times are tough, everyone needs to do their part.  Our economy is still recovering slowly, yet corporations are using loopholes to get out of paying their fair share.  We are losing $100 billion a year through corporate tax loopholes – money that could be spent to put America back to work or secure our retirement. There is a fair and simple solution.  If we close corporate tax loopholes, we can raise $100 billion a year to spend on our priorities, like putting people back to work/strengthening retirement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Congress has until March 1st to reach a budget deal or automatic, across-the-board spending cuts will go into effect, which economists warn could cause a major economic relapse.  It’s time for Congress to make corporations pay their fair share, demand an end to corporate tax loopholes and outdated subsidies, and put that money to work for the American economy.  

  • Kids Not Cuts: We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot in life, and that starts with a quality education. Unfortunately, some in Congress are moving to cut billions from education. Congress already made deep cuts in early 2013 that will slash programs for 1.2 million kids and take 30,000 teachers out of classrooms. Now, House Budget Chair Paul Ryan wants to slash education funds with another $6.9 billion in cuts to our schools, our teachers, and our kids in the next year alone. As Congress debates the education budget, Fair Share is working to make sure that our representatives stand up for our kids.

This is an opportunity to build the organization from the ground up. State organizers will:
    • Establish Fair Share in the community as a credible messenger about the economy.
    • Build relationships with partner organizations in the progressive community; potentially coordinate a statewide coalition.
    • Plan and implement campaign strategies and tactics.
    • Identified and develop state-level campaign work in coordination with other organizations.
    • Organize town hall meetings and other public events to lift up constituents’ voices and hold elected leaders accountable.
    • Lobby lawmakers directly; make a convincing case for our policy goals.
    • Create news events to get the word out about your campaign through the media.
    • Recruit, train and manage volunteers and activists.
    • Run citizen outreach campaigns: you’ll build the power of your organization, learning to fundraise, manage staff and educate the public.
    • Write grants and create other fundraising opportunities for the state.
    • Identify and cultivate all Fair Share members and donors in the state.
    • Perform administrative responsibilities
    • Develop activists into leaders for the long term movement for a more fair society.
We’re seeking smart, creative college graduates who are motivated by fairness and passionate about creating change. Experience with community and/or political organizing is preferred but not required.
Fair Share organizers make a two-year commitment during which time you will earn the experience necessary for a life-long career of activism. You’ll gain skills in political organizing, advocacy and fundraising and learn how to build powerful, statewide organizations.

Fair Share is part of a network of national and state-based organizations. As a member of our team you’ll have the opportunity to work with, and learn from, our national staff and staff from other states and take part in national campaigns and national trainings.

Salary & Benefits
Salary for experienced candidates is commensurate with relevant professional experience. In addition, full-time staff can opt into our state health care coverage, are eligible for paid sick days and vacation days, and can apply for our college loan assistance program. Our staff members accrue two weeks of vacation by the end of their first year and three weeks in their second year. We require a two-year commitment for this position.
To Apply
Apply online, here. Please address your cover letter to Meredith Small.

Fair Share is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the base of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or veteran status.